Realize sustainable growth with a winning innovation strategy

A winning innovation strategy is the starting point for realizing growth. The precondition for growth is being relevant. Now and in the future. We design winning innovation strategies to ensure sustainable growth. We help you deliver on your innovation efforts.

The precondition for growth is being relevant.

Staying relevant requires innovation. It seems so obvious.

Now, imagine that you would be able to organise a steady flow of innovative ideas? That only the promising ones would make it to the market.


Our service to help you grow your relevance and become a much more innovative company

Innovation North Star

Do you have an inspiring vision for your innovation efforts? If you don’t know where you are going, how can you be sure to be successful? We can help you link your business goals to an effective innovation strategy.

Innovation Roadmap

Turn your innovation North Star in an innovation roadmap. Chart your journey towards sustainable, innovative growth over time. Build a portfolio that drives your innovation goals.

Strategy Execution

Strategy and execution are no longer two separate worlds. The urgency brought about by (digital) disruptions puts more pressure on execution. Do you have the skills and competences to deliver on your strategy?


Innovation strategy design and execution

RevelX service:
In company Innovation Readiness Benchmark

What is it:
An assessment of your company’s innovation power compared to bast practices

RevelX service:
DisruptR game

What is it:
High paced inspirational session to design your worst nightmare competitor and counter strategy

RevelX service:
Innovation portfolio review

What is it:
An assessment on your total portfolio of innovations, their performance and potential, including the rationalization towards better innovation performance

RevelX service:
Business model / value proposition design sprint

What is it:
Design a completely new value proposition and business model, make a prototype and test with clients in only 5 days

RevelX service:
Innovation strategy & roadmap design

What is it:
A clear and committed roadmap towards developing, launching and market testing multiple innovations within a strategically chosen time frame

RevelX service:
Rapid Innovation Challenge

What is it:
Assess one or multiple stagnating innovations and debottleneck the innovation process in just one day

RevelX service:
Incubator program / Growth lab

What is it:
Building an organisation and processes that generate and launch new innovations in a structural cadence

RevelX service:
Accelerator program

What is it:
Structurally scaling up innovations that have proven product-market fit towards full business maturity

Challenge your innovation strategy

Is your innovation strategy up to par? Are you aware of the forces that may disrupt your company? Take your team through the DISRUPTR! An immersive experience in which you will disrupt your own company. Get inspired. Energize your team. Get into action.


Stepping Through Your Stage Gates Like a Pro

Stages, stage gates and making stage gate decisions. This subject deserves more explanation, because those divisions and decisions can make or break your innovation projects.

Designing Your Innovation Portfolio

We share our own framework that we recommend for managing your innovation portfolio and the best ways to evaluate the progress of your projects.

The Innovation Readiness Benchmark Report

Find out how best-in-class innovators innovate, which best practices they apply, and how they brace themselves for disruption. Almost 100 companies have already participated in our benchmark. This includes leading corporates as well as scale-ups.

innovation readiness benchmark report

How corporates can innovate like digital start-ups!

In this webinar, RevelX and Software AG will demonstrate how you can improve your innovation power and realize your (digital) innovation agenda by using state-of-the-art platforms (API-first and Hybrid Cloud platforms).



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