“Before starting this project, we were afraid that changing the way sales works would be very difficult and people would find it very hard to let go of their old habits. Both the subject matter expertise as well as the change management skills of RevelX made this whole process much easier than we anticipated.”

Paul Baan
CEO at Proton Ventures

The client

Proton Ventures is an independent ammonia engineering company operating in the chemical industry and one of the pioneers in the energy transition. Since 2001, Proton Ventures provides innovative engineering and turnkey solutions for world-scale storage terminals, ammonia production units and other ammonia-related process applications. Proton Ventures strives to be a key player in the ammonia value chain and chemical energy storage, making renewable energy accessible to everyone. They offer services in the field of Project management, engineering, procurement & implementation including cost calculations ranging from feasibility assessments up to turnkey projects. As a technological innovator, we enable our global partners to benefit from our safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions.

The challenge

The market for green Hydrogen conversion, storage and transport via Ammonia is booming, causing Proton Ventures double revenue every year. The number of sales leads is increasing at such a high pace that Proton Ventures wanted to rationalize its commercial processes, from lead qualification all the way to contract acceptance.