“RevelX has helped us in defining the growth journey of BUVA and Holonite. Their thorough and collaborative approach and the way they challenged our management team, has not only resulted in a clear and actionable strategy but has also resulted in a clear commitment and ownership within the BUVA and Holonite leadership team. With that, we are well positioned to strengthen our position in a challenging market and to improve our performance.”

Peter Laros


Since 1946, BUVA has developed into a leading and trusted partner for construction companies and manufacturers of window frames within the Dutch market. The company develops and manufactures a broad range of high-quality and partly tailor made solutions for home security and protection of houses against the elements. The portfolio consists of hinges and locks, glass fiber reinforced thresholds, ventilation grilles, tempered glass, and profiles.

BUVA is a part of Pallieter Group, and expanded its portfolio in 2021 by acquiring Holonite. Holonite, established in 1969, is market leader in composite stone thresholds and construction elements.

The outlook for the construction market is uncertain for the coming years and a decline cannot be ruled out. At the same time, Pallieter Group has set an ambitious long-term growth target for BUVA and Holonite who still operated as independent companies.

The challenge was to develop a joint strategy that prepares BUVA and Holonite for the challenging short term market outlook and in parallel position the business for the mid to long term opportunities.

Based on our proven Growth Strategy methodology, RevelX has supported BUVA and Holonite with designing their growth strategy and together with their management defined new growth engines, measurable targets, and pragmatic action plans.

RevelX started with a comprehensive analysis of market trends and the company’s performance.

Combined with interviews with all MT members of BUVA and Holonite, this resulted in a thorough strategic analysis and insight in the key challenges that needed to be addressed. As next steps, several interactive workshops were held with the combined management teams of BUVA and Holonite to set the ambition, define a distinct positioning and translate that in a set of growth initiatives and the internal improvement projects that are preconditional for realizing growth.

The result of the project was a jointly developed growth strategy with a clear positioning statement and a definition of “where and how to play”. Clear choices have been made in the portfolio and the commercial focus and a loss making activity is divested. Also, synergies between BUVA and Holonite have been identified, especially in the supply chain.

And equally important, all these choices have been translated into action plans with an owner and timelines which forms the basis for the disciplined execution of the strategy.