“RevelX has helped us in defining the Innovation Strategy and related Innovation Operating Model for execution. Their thorough and collaborative approach and the way they challenged our core innovation team has resulted in a carefully designed innovation strategy, which, thanks to the incorporation of their best practices, can be effectively executed.”

Maarten Appelo

Business Innovation Manager

Louwman Group is a Dutch family-owned company founded in 1923 that operates in various sectors related to mobility and transportation. The company has a long history in the automotive industry and is one of the largest car distributors in Europe. Louwman Group represents several major car brands (Toyota, Lexus, Suzuki, BYD, etc.) and provides a range of services, including car sales, leasing, maintenance, and repair. In addition to its automotive activities, the company has diversified into other areas such as healthcare mobility, finance, and insurance.

Louwman’s mission/vision can be summarized as “a passion for moving people and aspiring to be a leader in mobility”. The term “mobility” driven in part by their care-related activities, is defined more broadly and also focuses on quality of life.

Innovation is an essential pillar for further realizing of this vision. To effectively shape innovation, there was a significant need to professionalize the innovation approach and competencies structurally and systematically, starting with the development of an innovation strategy.

Louwman faced several challenges in crafting an effective innovation strategy. Firstly, it was crucial to establish a clear connection between the innovation strategy and the overarching Group vision. Louwman needed to determine which innovations would be managed by their various subsidiaries and which would be handled centrally.

The client also sought to empower the innovation team to exercise “friendly governance” while avoiding the pitfalls of an “ivory tower” approach. Additionally, the governance structure required precise definition to ensure smooth operation. Finally, the client needed a clear innovation process, accompanied by a portfolio management structure, to ensure that the innovation strategy could be effectively measured and assessed for success. These were the key challenges that had to be addressed to create a robust and efficient innovation framework.

RevelX and a core team from Louwman went through the RevelX Innovation strategy program, which is structured around the following three phases:

  • Assessing the current state – Creating a clear starting point including the vision of Louwman Group to serve as input for the innovation strategy.
  • Developing the innovation strategy – Creating or refining the Louwman Group innovation strategy to clarify the role of innovation in achieving the ‘New Mobility’ strategy.
  • Developing the innovation operating model – Enhancing the overall innovation process as a core method for realizing Louwman’s ambitions in ‘New Mobility’, including effective governance.

RevelX collaborated intensively with Louwman’s core team based on co-creation. Through various structured work sessions and with the use of standard RevelX methodologies, frameworks, and canvases, they developed a well-supported and ambitious innovation strategy, along with an operating model to ensure that the innovation practice can be systematically carried out as a core business process.

The carefully constructed innovation strategy provides a clear framework for driving innovation initiatives. It enables Louwman to identify key areas for innovation, prioritize projects, and allocate resources more effectively.

The innovation operating model establishes a structured process for managing innovation as a core business function. This operating model facilitates efficient governance, allowing the client to streamline decision-making and ensure accountability across teams. It also provides a roadmap for scaling successful innovations and integrating them into the broader business strategy.

Overall, these efforts resulted in a robust, actionable plan that empowered Louwman to pursue innovative projects with confidence, adapt to changing market demands, and maintain a competitive edge. The strategic framework and operating model collectively laid the foundation for sustained innovation and growth.