Innovating for Growth:
A Strategic and 
Systemic Approach

Innovation isn't optional in realizing growth; it is a strategic necessity. In a world where staying relevant and realizing sustainable growth is key, innovation must be deeply ingrained in your strategy, organization, culture, and processes.

We partner up with you to answer two fundamental questions: ‘Where to innovate?’ and ‘How to innovate?’. You get the benefit of years of experience building and executing innovative growth strategies. Our systemic, best practice-based approach fuels your innovation performance.

We infuse our tried and tested strategic innovation principles with state-of-the-art AI solutions to accelerate innovative growth for your organization.

Strategy Development & Execution

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Innovation Operating Model Development & Tooling

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Innovation Portfolio Management
& Execution

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Customer Cases

We collaborate with organizations that harbor serious growth ambitions, whether local or global, commercial or not for profit, governmental or family owned.

Technological Innovation takes flight at KLM

Learn about how we partnered up with KLM, one of the world’s oldest and most renowned airlines, to build a technology innovation powerhouse to maintain KLM’s leading position. RevelX and KLM BlueLabs, KLM’s technology innovation growth lab, have revolutionized the airline’s approach to technology adoption and corporate venturing.

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Revolutionizing Consumer Electronics: TP Vision's Game-Changing Collaboration with RevelX

Explore how TP Vision, a global leader in consumer electronics and the force behind Philips branded TVs and audio products, redefined innovation in a fiercely competitive market. Discover how TP Vision’s partnership with RevelX led to a consumer-driven innovation strategy. Together with RevelX, TP Vision created a major shift in its innovation approach from product-centric to consumer-centric.

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Realizing a healthy and vital society through sport innovation with Sportinnovator

Dive into the unique case study of Sportinnovator, a network organization championed by the Dutch Ministry of Health & Sports and the Dutch National Olympic Committee. Learn how RevelX and Sportinnovator empower sports innovators to tackle the complex challenge of building a stimulating sports environment, drive professional sport performance, and build an eco-friendly sports infrastructure.

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About RevelX

RevelX goes beyond traditional consulting, serving as strategic partners to realize growth through innovation. Innovation is a vital element of an organization’s growth strategy. Emphasizing the importance of execution, we work with our clients to make innovation a core process in their organizations in delivering business results. We partner with organizations with serious growth ambitions. With no prejudice to industry or size.

Our team

The RevelX team consists of skilled growth entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and a curious mind. We have one shared goal: to drive growth with innovation at the core of your business. At RevelX, innovation is more than a task—it's who we are.

Our impact

RevelX partners with its clients in realizing sustainable business growth. We empower your organization by building actionable strategies and developing key enablers and capabilities. Our impact can be measured in tangible business results and resilient organizations.

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RevelX Growth Warehouse

We democratize the practice of realizing growth through innovation by offering access to a wealth of assessments, playbooks, tools, and insights. Dive into our toolbox to kickstart your innovation journey.

“At Abbott we have democratized Diabetic Care and RevelX has democratized Innovation”
Ole Christiansen, Regional Director Abbott

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Innovation Strategy Playbook

This playbook will explore the Innovation Strategy Canvas by diving into the 6 building blocks on how to create a good innovation strategy.

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AI is People Business

This webinar will bring you up to speed with the latest in AI and give you some practical next steps to lead your organization through this evolving landscape of digital innovation.

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CEO Innovation Guide

We created this guide to help you as a CEO and leader of your organization deliver on innovation.

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