Realizing growth is one of the hardest tasks in any organization. Realizing innovative and sustainable growth is even harder. That’s why we started the DARE movement. One could say, it is based on popular demand. We tap into an unmet need of corporate innovators looking for a new growth mantra or mindset for their organizations.

Thrive in not being 100% sure. That is where the magic happens.

‘DARE: A Mindset for Innovators in the Digital Age’ provides a framework for calculated risk-taking. It guides you through a 10-step discovery to find innovation and novelty in the midst of uncertainty.

The book is augmented by a set of carefully curated tools, canvases and other online content. You can find these referenced in the book or explore them by chapter, below.

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Chapter 2:

How do I make sure that I am still in business in 5 year’s time?

Chapter 3:

Can I kick it?

Chapter 4:

Who are my growth BFFs and BEFs?

Chapter 6:

What are the rules of the Game?

Chapter 7:

Do I have the basics in order?

Chapter 8:

Do I go by facts or by fiction?

Chapter 9:

How do I turn on the growth engine?

Chapter 10:

How to achieve full maturity?

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