DARE chapter 6 | What are the rules of the game?

Are you setting yourself up for success or failure? Understanding and applying the right rules of the innovation game ups the ante for your business.

Growth team roles

Build a growth team that will report to CxO level. Have ther irght team in pace. In more details, there are 6 key roles that need to be fullfilled in a growth team.

Growth culture

Hire new people, with the right mindset, and try to become yourself the living example of the new way of thinking and working. These are some of the ‘software’ skills, behaviors and values that we care about most.

Investment trail

Today is all about being smarter. Leverage limited means in creative ways to generate new ends as well as new means and follow the Investment trail.

Get the right metrics in your system

The best and maybe the only real measure of innovation is the sum of change across a whole system. Nevertheless, we want help you adopt the right growth metrics for different phases of growth.