DARE chapter 9 | How do I turn on the growth engine?

There comes a time to scale up. Two main key questions: when and how?

Pricing strategies

Anything comes at a price. We often use our own pricing strategy list to design profitable pricing strategies. We listed ten types of pricing strategies, ranging from cost-plus to value-based pricing.

Think big, aim high

If you think BIG and aim HIGH in your growth venture, it is imperative to apply the right bold tactics. There is some sort of generic behavior to scale in the market if you have the ‘Moon landing’ kind of ambition. These tactics are derived from earlier successful corporate venturing examples.

4 types of structured scaling

We use four types of structuring whilst scaling corporate ventures. The four types tend to go from loosely to highly structured. Your choice might depend on the quantity of ventures, level of ambition, governing policies and specific industry requirements.