DARE chapter 2 | How do I make sure that I am still in business in 5 years’ time?

To make innovative growth work, you need to have a plan. Or rather, a vision of how you will ride the wave of uncertainty and come out on top.

Envision future landscapes

We know the pace of change will require us to rethink and reframe our vision frequently. So how do we do this in practice and envision our future?

4 basic types of BHAGS

A BHAG is visionary, clear, compelling and (over) ambitious. It leads a company towards accomplishing the impossible. We consider 4 basic types of BHAGS.

Growth Strategy Canvas

A Growth Strategy Canvas is a document in which you delineate your strategy for growth in a well-organized way, taking into account your goals over time.

Growth Uncertainty

We are often approached to help organizations create movement in stalled innovation processes.  This is how we focuses their business on tackling uncertainty head on.

Nine types of innovation

Fire up your imagination to create innovative growth strategies with nine building blocks of innovation strategy. We’ve grouped them by ‘business model’, ‘products and services’ and ‘consumer interface.’

Growth tactics

Sustainable growth is about mastering all the stages in the pirate funnel, deploying the various tactics within, with extreme velocity and persistence. We listed some of the most important growth tactics in the funnel for you, right here.