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At RevelX, our foremost priority is empowering our customers through strategic innovation. RevelX goes beyond traditional consulting, serving as a strategic partner to realize growth through innovation. Emphasizing the importance of execution, we work with our clients to make innovation a core process in their organizations. We partner with organizations with serious growth ambitions. With no prejudice to industry or size.

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How it all started

2014, RevelX was born from the minds of four passionate individuals. The spark that ignited this venture was a pivotal phone call between two of the founding partners. This conversation uncovered a widespread sense of dissatisfaction and unfulfilled growth needs among their clients.

In the wake of the triple-dip recession that began in 2008, the prevailing business climate focused heavily on cost-cutting and restructuring. Inadvertently, this approach led to the loss of significant business value and potential. This tumultuous period highlighted the need for a paradigm shift, encapsulated by the maxim, 'Never waste a good crisis.' It presented the ultimate challenge – an opportunity to uncover growth amidst crises and innovate as a means of navigating through turbulent times.

From this background, the company RevelX ultimately emerged, with a focus on realizing growth.

The evolution

In the past decade, RevelX has evolved alongside the innovation landscape, transitioning from spectacle to essential business pillar. Innovation is now a necessity, integrated into growth strategies alongside other key functions. The professionalization of innovation includes meticulous processes and automated tools, yet there's still much progress to be made. Despite its significance, outcomes often fall short. In today's dynamic environment, innovation's importance demands continual reassessment for sustained success.

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Back to the future

In the coming decade, a 'Future-Back' strategy becomes vital for all organizations, urging a leap into the future before planning backward. Collaboration with the external world is essential in today's rapidly changing landscape. Business ecosystems flourish with automated tools and AI, reshaping how humans and AI collaborate. Organizations must strategically partner with tech giants, leveraging AI's potential in innovation stages. RevelX serves as your guide, shaping strategy and execution for innovation success in this evolving landscape.

Our vision

Navigating change: pioneering growth and innovation excellence.

We envision organizations thriving through strategic growth and innovation, adapting to constant change. Our approach emphasizes individual innovation and comprehensive strategies, guiding clients to success. Empowering people to embrace change, we ensure sustained growth, positioning clients as industry leaders.

We transform aspirations into achievements

Our ethos centers on catalyzing growth and innovation within your organization. Our approach is a continuous journey, blending strategy with execution, demanding endurance and perseverance. We accompany you through challenges, ensuring commitment to innovation. Together, we forge a future where success is synonymous with sustained growth and innovation.

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Partnership with Qmarkets

At RevelX we are proud to maintain a close partnership with Qmarkets, a premier provider of end-to-end innovation management software. This partnership blends RevelX’s strategic consulting expertise with Qmarkets’ cutting-edge innovation software. By integrating our propositions, we ensure that our clients enjoy a comprehensive and seamless innovation solution, designed to accelerate their growth and enhance their competitive edge in the marketplace. Together, RevelX and Qmarkets are setting new standards in innovation management, offering a synergistic blend of strategy and technology.

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Our team

Our team is a diverse assembly of seasoned entrepreneurs, managers, and consultants. With a collective experience that spans over two decades, many of us have spearheaded and facilitated growth initiatives.

Our intellectual foundations are broad and varied, encompassing fields from business and social sciences to applied physics and engineering. This blend of backgrounds creates a dynamic synergy of experienced strategists, innovative thinkers, and industry leaders, all contributing to a rich mosaic of knowledge and expertise.

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