The pace of innovation in the AI landscape is breathtaking, with new developments unfolding at lightning speed. In our upcoming webinar, we offer you a comprehensive refresher on the latest AI advancements, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and don’t miss out on crucial breakthroughs.

We’ll provide a refreshed overview of the AI landscape and introduce some of the key tools you should be using in innovating your business. Additionally, we will showcase new use cases that are revolutionizing various industries and branches of your businesses .

But also, more than just a technological leap, integrating AI into your business is a journey of change management. As AI impacts our businesses, understanding its human aspect becomes crucial for any leader aiming to thrive in the digital era.

This webinar will not only bring you up to speed with the latest in AI but also gives you some practical next steps to lead your organization through this evolving landscape of digital innovation.

In this webinar, you will learn:

Discover the latest AI developments: Get inspired by the AI tools your business needs to innovate.

Explore new AI use cases: Learn through real-world examples how AI is being applied across various sectors for unprecedented efficiency and innovation.

Understand AI's impact on people: Learn why integrating AI is as much about people as it is about technology.


Matthijs Rosman

Partner, RevelX

Trusted and creative advisor. Specialist in growth acceleration and innovation. Two decades of experience at the intersection of marketing, sales and service. Combines analysis and creativity to develop surprising combinations. From new digital possibilities to ways to improve commercial results.

Cordial towards others, sharp on details. Continuously looking for growth opportunities. Familiar in B2B and B2C, both for startups and corporates. Frequently invited as speaker, chairman or expert.
Excels in digital strategy, top line growth, customer journeys, omnichannel marketing and connecting startups with established organizations.

Boudewijn Zeijlmans

Dubbed the “AI Whisperer”. An experienced digital consultant and entrepreneur, creating innovative business with deep technological and analytical expertise, always with a strong emphasis on the human factor and team dynamics in mind.

His entrepreneurial mind brought him knowledge and experience in venture capital, digital marketing & change management, innovation, and AI. His journey of over 2 decades spans across a multitude of startups and extensive consulting for blue-chip enterprises, all underpinned by a profound fascination and involvement of technology developments.

Thanks to his physics background, which allows him to balance technical proficiency with creativity and team dynamics insights, this approach ensures creating strategies not only leading to success for the corporations involved, but also empowering the individuals working in them.

Recognizing AI’s transformative potential, Boudewijn has dedicated his career to equipping corporate leaders with the insights and strategies essential for navigating the complexities of the contemporary AI landscape.