Become best-in class in Corporate Venturing

Realizing growth through innovation is hard. Today, many organizations still rely heavily on their own capabilities. Instead, they must also get out of the building to become more successful in innovative growth. With this we mean to continuously tap into external networks, pro-actively searching and partnering with startups and scaleups to balance internal efforts.

A continuous link with the outside world is crucial to:

  • Explore the trends that shape the future of your industry
  • Find new emerging technologies and growth opportunities
  • Discover attractive startups and scaleups for partnering

After all, no company, big or small, can do it alone in today’s world of autocatalytic change.

But current practice is poor

RevelX Innovation Readiness Benchmark shows that only 35% of the companies actively tap into external sources to fuel the innovation pipeline. And almost 70% of corporate venturing initiatives fail (IESE 2019 research). Furthermore, of the low innovation performers, 80% do not venture in the outside world.

of companies actively search into the outside world for innovation

of corporate venturing initiatives do not deliver as promised or simply fail

of low innovation performers do not venture externally

MIT research (2020) values startups as the key source (44%) for innovation in 2025.

Start increasing your Innovation power with Corporate Venturing!

The RevelX Corporate Venturing Assessment measures the venturing power of your organization against 25 corporate venturing best practices, which have been developed and adapted from independent research of the Rotterdam School of Management, and our own RevelX research.

  • Compare your organization with the high performers in our benchmark
  • Understand which areas can drive venturing performance and where to improve
  • Receive a personal report including customized recommendations, during a (virtual) 30 minutes meeting with one of our professionals