“Today, there are just two types of companies: the quick and the dead.”

Andy Grove, semiconductor pioneer and former CEO of Intel


Innovations come from the minds of people. In order to make innovation work for you and your company you need to have the right mindset. We call this mindset DARE. It comprises four key elements: Defiance, Adventure, Realism and Endurance. The first two have a lot to do with the creative (and sometimes destructive) part of innovation: the search for, and experimentation with, new ideas and business ventures. The second part, comprising realism and endurance, is the executional part of innovation. It is often the hardest part, and is concerned with the hard grind of making innovation happen and keeping it sustainable.

“To keep up with the world of 2050, you will need to do more than merely invent new ideas and products, but above all, reinvent yourself again and again”
Yuval Noah Harari

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Growth Value Cycle

The Growth Value Cycle is our compass. It illustrates how we define growth and deliver on it. In close cooperation with our clients. Following an iterative, non-lineair process containing three steps.

Disruptive creativity – Idea generation is easy. Converting true insights in future customer behavior into winning propositions is an art. RevelX has a sharp and fresh take on the organization and the market – outside in, independent from the present. We look beyond today and tomorrow.

Rigorous analysis – Bridging the gap between ideas and execution. RevelX analyses rigorously and cuts to the chase. Developing valuable insights on the organization, customers and the market. We slice and dice and move beyond the numbers, focusing on the core.

Disciplined execution – The greatest of endeavors. Achieving growth requires focus and discipline – dedication to result. Clear guidance is crucial. Deploying extra knowledge and experience indispensable. We deliver and are committed.

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