Whether it’s your new growth strategy, your innovation or your existing offering, finally growth comes from bringing your products and services to the market successfully

It seems so obvious.

Yet many of our clients struggle with questions such as:

  • What are the essential challenges that our customers are facing?
  • How can we improve our value proposition?
  • How can we improve our customer journey?
  • How can we win more customers and increase customer value?
  • How can we gain more direct access to our indirect customer?
  • How can we improve our customer experience via digitisation?
  • How can we improve our commercial performance?
  • How do we make our go-to-market strategy actually happen?

Recognize some of these questions?

Now, imagine that you could realise growth in the current economic climate, in highly pressured markets, with clients who want an unrealistically ‘big bang for the buck’, with declining client retention rates and always delaying purchase decisions?

Imagine that it would be easy to get access to potential clients, suffer less from price pressure, have field salespeople that win twice as many deals, have more loyal clients and even have clients that act as if they were salespeople for your company?

Sounds good? Read on.

Our service to help you build and execute your improved go-to-market strategy is based on 4 pillars.

Who is your client

It all starts with realising who our real client is and what he/she really needs. It’s about unravelling the complexity of today’s markets, value chains, buying powers and processes, and finding (often still latent) needs of your real buyers and users.

What’s your offering

Your offering is so much more than just your product or your core process. It’s not even the total set of product/service features and benefits. It’s the total user and buyer experience that must fit more than optimally to their rational and emotional needs.

Bringing them together

Getting into and staying in a business relationship is a complex and lengthy psychological process. The customer journey forms a roadmap of customer interactions, bringing your client and your offering together. Deploying the most suitable channels and triggering the most influential mental processes.

Getting it organised

Improving your go-to-market heavily involves marketing, sales and other front-end disciplines in your organisation. Not the most-easy ones to change. Leveraging all batteries of change is of crucial importance to actually getting it done.

Portfolio of Services

Go-to-market strategy design and execution

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RevelX service:
Go-to-market strategy development

What is it:
A clear and committed go-to-market strategy leading to improved top line results

RevelX service:
Customer persona design

What is it:
Define a clear image of your all your customer types and his influencers, along your industry value chain, including buying motifs and preferences

RevelX service:
Value proposition design

What is it:
(Re)define your value proposition to better address your customer’s needs, pains and other reasons for buying, including differentiators from your competition

RevelX service:
Customer journey design

What is it:
Develop or improve your customer journey to create maximum brand preference, buying behaviour and loyalty, leading to increased customer lifetime value

RevelX service:
Commercial excellence program

What is it:
Design and implementation of complete marketing, sales and service improvement program leading to drastic growth of total revenue

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Start to think about who you’re doing it for and find what drives your persona’s.

Make sure you create a product people actually want.

Define what features you should add, identify when to add those features.

How does your customer behave? Use the Customer Journey to define your company’s opportunities.

The best way to test an idea is to set up an experiment. Keep it simple.

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