TVM Verzekeringen

TVM verzekeringen is a Dutch insurance company specialised in logistics. TVM was founded in 1962 by entrepreneurs in the logistics industry and the original name was ‘Transvemij’. In 1988 the insurance company was renamed into ‘TVM verzekeringen’.

TVM is well known by the Dutch public because or their sponsoractivities. They sponsored a winning cycling team for years. In 2000 they left cycling for ice skating. They sponsored well known ice skaters like Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst.

TVM wants to transform from a vehicle based transportation insurer to an insurance service for good flows and everything that is related to logistic flows. They need to develop new digital products in order to keep up with their market and RevelX helped them to create those products.

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Our approach with three workflows

1. MVP development

Building Minimal Viable Products (MVP) and validate them:

  • Gathering data / input
  • Building and validate
  • Launching one MVP per month

2. Scaling MVP's

Scaling and developing succesfull MVP’s under prospects and clients:

  • Generating traction
  • Running experiments

3. Growth Hacking

Growing current business and optimising existing channels:

  • Analytics
  • Experiment / B.L./ scoring
  • Sprint execution

MVP development

RevelX organised six Google Design Weeks in order to create one MVP every month. The MVP’s were presented within the company to create support for the ideas and to validate the feasibility. \

One of these MVP’s is the ‘Eigen Rijder Begeleider’: an external platform focused on future drivers who start their own company. The assumption was that by helping future drivers by informing them in an early stage they would choose TVM as their insurance company.

Take a look at the Eigen Rijder Begeleider platform

Scaling MVP's

The validated MVP’s were optimised in several experiments. RevelX is using a fixed format for creating and running experiments. We think of the desired result beforehand and we rank experiments based on the ICE-framework in order to prioritise them. The experiments that score high on Impact, Confidence and Ease were executed first to create fast results.

More about MVP development

Growth hacking of the current business

In this workflow we started with the current business of TVM and we used the same method as in the the ‘scaling MVP’ workflow. We created experiments according to the ‘build, measure and learn’ method. By executing these experiments we instigated more than 50% growth within the target group.