Sport Innovator / Top Team Sport and RevelX partnered to coach 9 sport innovation centers from startup to scale up.


Sport Innovator is an innovation alliance formed by the Dutch Top Team Sport. The alliance is commissioned by the Dutch ministry of Health, Well-being and Sports. Innovator sports centers are meeting and breeding grounds where researchers, entrepreneurs, public authorities and sports organizations work together structurally to work on innovations that contribute to the professional sport, sport and / or an active lifestyle, the knowledge base for sport and yield economic returns or social value.


The goal of this program is to set up a Sports Innovator ecosystem, where new partnerships are encouraged between sports, science, business and government. Collaboration is central to this ecosystem to develop in the sport profitable innovations that way. Within this ecosystem include centers, projects, ideas and data in a prominent place. The ultimate goal is to make the centers economically independent so as to safeguard durability.