To generate a maximum number of leads, you have to optimize every aspect of your landing page. Below I will describe a step-by-step plan to win the landing-page game.

Landing pages are essential to generate leads. As you know, a landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a web link, a search-engine optimized-search result, or an online advertisement. Sometimes known as a “lead capture page,” a “lander,” or a “destination page,” a landing page will typically ask users to take a specific action. An example is the form of our own landing page in which we ask visitors for some information to access our white paper about growth hacking.

A Better Landing Page = More Leads

Your conversion rate is determined by the actions that a visitor takes on your landing page. That is why your page doesn’t need to be only good; it has to be tremendous! Every aspect of it has to be optimized. I have some tips to accomplish this.

1. Be Fast

“Users love fast sites,” Google advises in its Official Guide to Optimizing Landing Pages for Digital Marketers. In this instance (as in most), it is prudent to follow Google’s guidelines, because users loving your landing page will result in a better conversion rate.

RevelX - Blog - Optimize Your Landing Page

There is also a more pragmatic reason to follow Google’s advice: if you want a high conversion rate, you want Google to give you a high position in its search results. To accomplish this, you have to follow their rulebook.

I advise you to take the following actions:

  • Study how the page performs so far by using the Landing Pages page in Google AdWords.
  • Make sure the page loads quickly. Use PageSpeed Insights to find ways to make your site faster, especially on mobile devices.

2. Be Mobile

More than 50% of web traffic on this website is generated by mobile devices, which is in line with many other website analytics I have studied. Because of this, it is important that the mobile experience of a lander is excellent.

You don’t want high, mobile bounce-rates because the page is badly displayed on smartphones. For example, landing pages that are rendered with miniature fonts are a conversion disaster!

I advise you to take the following actions:

  • Ensure that the page is suitable for mobile devices by running it through WebsitePlanet mobile-friendliness test.
  • Create an AMP version of your page. This is a webpage with static content optimized for browsing on mobile devices.

3. Be Relevant

As Google writes in its guide for optimizing landing pages, “Optimized landing pages with targeted, relevant messaging generally drive more conversions and provide higher return on ad-spend.” In other words, you have to present information users are looking for.

But first you have to know, who is this user? The marketing concept of a persona can help you. As you know, this is a fictional character created to represent a user type that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way. All aspects of your target audience are rolled into one, fictional user. In many instances, he or she even gets a name.

RevelX - Blog - Optimize Your Landing Page

After determining the persona, the sales funnel comes into play. Lean analytics is a great and innovative method to streamline your funnel. Benjamin Yoskovitz and Alistair Croll introduced this method in their book with the same name. The core idea behind lean analytics is this: by knowing the kind of business you are, and the stage you’re at, you can track and optimize the most important metrics that matters to your business right now.

So, I advise you to take the following actions:

  • Test your lead capture page through Google Optimize, a tool that can be integrated with AdWords to test landing pages at no additional cost.
  • Make personas with the help of a tool such as Xtensio.
  • Determine your visitors’ intentions. Look beyond the bare keywords and create content based on the customer journey.
  • Run the Lean Analytics cycle to create a sales funnel and determine the funnel KPIs.

4. Be Effective

After you have done everything to optimize your page and your funnel, you have to ask yourself the question: is it working? Is the conversion rate as high as I want it to be? In this phase, you keep testing and improving the page.

I advise you to take the following actions:

  • Perform A / B tests and study the results in Google Analytics. Continue to improve your page based on this data.
  • Optimize your sales funnel. Can the number of steps in the funnel be reduced? Are there other ways to iterate your funnel? Analyze your user data and pay attention to every spot in the funnel: what goes wrong, what goes well, etc.

Want to Know More?

At RevelX, we know how to transform great ideas into leads. If you need our expertise, please make an appointment with one of our experts or visit our own landing page as an inspiring example.

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