At RevelX, we have our own unique approach to innovation: The Innovation Journey. In this article I will tell you how it works. Furthermore, two amazing case studies will prove the efficacy of the Innovation Journey.

At RevelX, we love innovation. It is inspiring and contributes to society’s well-being. Moreover, innovation is crucial to your future success as an organization. In an insightful article Matthijs Rosman described the reasons why.

Make Your Organization Future-Proof

The good news is that a growing number of Dutch entrepreneurs and executives understand the importance of innovation. That is evident from the data collected through our Innovation Readiness Benchmark.

The bad news is, a huge number of the participants in our benchmark lag behind in putting this insight into action. They have a lot of work to do to make their organization future-proof.

At RevelX, we have our own unique approach to innovation: the Innovation Journey. By splitting the development and launching of a new product into 3 parts, the process is simultaneously simple and effective. This structured approach is linked to the specific methods and tools that we use to accompany organizations in their innovation process.

The Innovation Journey: 3 Steps to Innovate Your Business

The first stage is our DISRUPTR game, a full contact, one to 3 day management game/workshop on disruption. In these sessions we invite our guests to come up with great new business ideas. After ideation, prioritization and business model generation, typically 5 promising, innovative ideas come out of the DISRUPTR.

The second stage is our Growth Lab. Of the most promising initiatives that come out of the DISRUPTR, typically 3 or 4 are tested in this stage. Most often, two ideas are successful and enter the next stage.

The Growth Accelerator is the third part of our journey. In this 3 to 6 month program, initiatives that come out of the Growth Lab are the material for minimum viable products, with the aim to find product-market fit. Out of the initiatives that enter this stage, typically one or two make(s) it to a relatively quick market launch.

It Really Works

I enjoy the Innovation Journey every time. It is a pleasure to see how an idea is formulated for the first time, come to fruition – and then make real money. Here are two examples from the numerous times we have used this approach.

  • We assisted with the development of the Imbema Group’s Flamingo app. That app identifies and validates vital hose connections that are used in port operations. This results in a more efficient process, and the collected data also predicts when a hose should be replaced.
  • We helped BDRThermea to develop the predictive maintenance feature in their boiler. This feature helps to predict the general status of a boiler in order to prevent an outage. In this way, loss or degradation of heat comfort is prevented.

To put it another way, our innovation approach really works! And it might work for you too. The first step? Play the DISRUPTR game with your team, or contact me first for more information.