Alexander Osterwalder’s famous Business Model Canvas has inspired others to design their canvasses. For example, RevelX uses canvasses that are specifically tailored to companies that want to grow. This article is a compendium of all the information that you need to know about such canvasses.

When the Swiss Alexander Osterwalder wrote his doctoral thesis, his thesis supervisor, Yves Pigneur, was asking himself the question of how a business model could be simplified to only one page. “The goal, however, wasn’t to come up with a business plan,” as Osterwalder would later explain. “The actual question was rather how to model a business model.”

What is the Business Model Canvas?

This idea resulted in the now famous Business Model Canvas: a method to design a business model by including it in a graphical diagram. Decision-makers in a company can print this model on a large sheet of paper and fill in the boxes. This process will help them to understand better how their business delivers value. The process of filling in the printout results in the same creativity as a brainstorm but has the extra advantage of a structured approach.

The First of Many Canvasses

Osterwalder and his Business Model Canvas inspired others to design their canvasses for specific goals. For example, RevelX uses canvasses that are specifically tailored to companies that want to grow.

Below, I provide all the information that you need to know about the many models that were inspired by Osterwalder, links to the canvasses, and how to deploy them.

The Business Model Canvas

Alexander Osterwalder’s popular tool helps you formulate a better business model. You can download it here.

Why & How Organizations Around The World Apply The Business Model Canvas

A must-read blog post by our brothers-in-arms at Strategyzer.

Canvas Toolkits That You Can Use Today

A description of the canvasses we use at RevelX.

Growth Strategy Canvas

Our Growth Strategy Canvas helps our clients define growth opportunities, growth readiness, growth ambition, growth goals, growth strategy, and growth execution.

Customer Journey Canvas

If you know your ideal customer, the next step is to delineate her customer journey. To accomplish this, we use this canvas.

Growth Experiment Canvas

At RevelX, we use this template to help clients who want to design a growth strategy.

Persona Canvas

We use this model to help our clients better understand their customers. 

MVP Toolkit

Our MVP Toolkit assists you with building a minimum viable product. It provides you with a framework, a list of must-reads, and some workshop canvases so you can start practicing right away.

Tools such as the Business Model Canvas are very potent. So, after digesting the information that I gave you, print your favorite canvas on a large sheet of paper and get started! Need help? Play the DISRUPTR game with us.

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