Join us for an interactive Webinar on Trend Management and Innovation!

Unlock the secrets of innovation with our upcoming webinar, where we will delve into the importance of trend management for your business. Discover how trends can fuel your innovation funnel and keep your organization ahead of the curve.

This webinar will be a collaborative event featuring our strategic technology partner, Qmarkets.

Topics to be discussed include:

Why Trend Management is crucial: learn why staying on top of trends is essential for business success

Trends and your business: explore how trends can impact your organization's growth and strategy

Building your own trend radar: get insights on creating an effective trend tracking system

Automating trend exploration: discover tools and techniques to streamline trend management



Matthijs Rosman

Partner, RevelX

Trusted and creative advisor. Specialist in growth acceleration and innovation. Two decades of experience at the intersection of marketing, sales and service. Combines analysis and creativity to develop surprising combinations. From new digital possibilities to ways to improve commercial results.

Cordial towards others, sharp on details. Continuously looking for growth opportunities. Familiar in B2B and B2C, both for startups and corporates. Frequently invited as speaker, chairman or expert.

Excels in digital strategy, top line growth, customer journeys, omnichannel marketing and connecting startups with established organizations.

Michael Stilger

Senior Vice President & Co-Founder, Qmarkets

Michael is a proven global leader & player in the field of Innovation, Open Innovation, Crowd-Intelligence, Business Growth, Start-up and Technology Scouting and Innovation Methodologies. He has dedicated his professional life to assist organizations accessing and maturing the intelligence and wisdom of their employees, clients, supply chain or Academic Partners and combine it with Innovation and Idea Management.