Strategic innovation is the key to sustainable growth. Organizations that are successful innovators have the highest survival ratings. They are able to create and maintain long-term, sustainable, client relations in which they continuously increase their added value. To become a best-in-class innovator you first need to understand your current innovation power and your key improvement areas. This is the first step in order to stay relevant to your customers, stay ahead of your competitors and defend yourself against disruptive forces.

RevelX has developed the Innovation Readiness Benchmark, which represents 35 innovation best practices. Marc Douma, Partner at RevelX, will guide you through the benchmark and process of becoming a best-in-class innovator yourself.

In this webinar, you will learn:

Why innovation is often hard yet crucial

What it takes to become a best-in-class innovator

How you can shape your own innovation journey


Marc Douma

Partner, RevelX

Specialist in strategy development, innovation management and strategic alliances.

All-round perfectionist. Confronts stakeholders with razor-sharp analysis. Develops solutions that work and creates the necessary support. Is at home within complex stakeholder environments. Direct, committed and always with a sense of humor.

Previously, partner at Boer & Croon. Prior to that, Operations manager at Nuon and Senior Consultant at PwC. Holds a PhD on strategic alliances. Contributed to strategic programs at Ardagh, Vitens, Gasunie, Alliander, TNO, BDR Thermea and others.

Trusted advisor for executive boards and management teams during complex strategic transitions.