We live in times of autocatalytic change in which realizing growth is one of the hardest tasks. A growing graveyard of startups and corporate ventures is just the tip of the iceberg.

Innovation is not an option; it is a license for future survival.

This webinar is based on Amazon best-selling book DARE – the mindset for successful innovators in the digital age. Author Eric de Groot will give you key insights of the most crucial component of innovation: mindset.

DARE is an acronym which stands for Defiance, Adventure, Realism and Endurance and provides a human centric approach to innovation and innovators. It is the mindset needed to make and execute daring choices in the high-stakes game companies play – or are forced to play – nowadays.

In this webinar, you will learn:

The key insights in the most critical component of innovation: mindset

The DARE journey based on 10 leading questions

How to create speed and scale to innovation


Eric de Groot

Partner, RevelX

Boardroom strategist with unparalleled creative brainpower. Always focused on growth. Creates speed by combining business modeling with inventive pragmatic solutions. Invests in involvement over a sustained period.