Innovation is hard and many innovation projects fail. But why?

RevelX identified 5 key reasons why innovation fails within an organization and why it is so hard to realize a good Return on Innovation. And one of the most crucial reasons is rooted in the lack of a proper innovation strategy.

The RevelX Innovation Readiness Benchmark data shows that companies with an innovation strategy rate significantly higher in terms of their innovation performance.

This is why RevelX has launched a new playbook dedicated entirely to the strategy side. In this playbook, RevelX provides you with useful and actionable insights, a set of proven methods, frameworks, and tools you can deploy within your organization today.

Make sure you download the Strategy playbook before you join the webinar. You can download the playbook here.

In this webinar, you will learn:

How to use the RevelX Innovation Strategy Playbook to define or refine your innovation strategy for your company

What defines an innovation strategy and how can you align this with your business/corporate strategy?

What are the innovation strategy best practices?


Matthijs Rosman

Partner, RevelX

Trusted and creative advisor. Specialist in growth acceleration and innovation. Two decades of experience at the intersection of marketing, sales and service. Combines analysis and creativity to develop surprising combinations. From new digital possibilities to ways to improve commercial results.

Cordial towards others, sharp on details. Continuously looking for growth opportunities. Familiar in B2B and B2C, both for startups and corporates. Frequently invited as speaker, chairman or expert.
Excels in digital strategy, top line growth, customer journeys, omnichannel marketing and connecting startups with established organizations.

Marc Douma

Partner, RevelX

Specialist in strategy development, innovation management and strategic alliances.

All-round perfectionist. Confronts stakeholders with razor-sharp analysis. Develops solutions that work and creates the necessary support. Is at home within complex stakeholder environments. Direct, committed and always with a sense of humor.

Previously, partner at Boer & Croon. Prior to that, Operations manager at Nuon and Senior Consultant at PwC. Holds a PhD on strategic alliances. Contributed to strategic programs at Ardagh, Vitens, Gasunie, Alliander, TNO, BDR Thermea and others.

Trusted advisor for executive boards and management teams during complex strategic transitions.