At RevelX, we believe that strategic innovation is the key to sustainable growth. Organizations that are successful innovators have the highest survival ratings and can brace themselves for disruption.

The RevelX Innovation Readiness Benchmark has been developed to assess the innovation power of organizations. It encompasses seven areas that drive innovation performance. Our benchmark also includes an assessment of the disruption risk.

More than 70 companies have already participated among which many industry leaders as well as start-ups and scale-ups. Follow this link for the open version of the benchmark where you can make a first assessment for yourself.

With the in-company version of our benchmark you will gain valuable insights into how managers from your organization rate your innovation power and the key improvement areas. This will only cost them 10 minutes of their time. The results from the benchmark are presented in a company specific report with advice from our innovation experts and discussed in a workshop.


The Innovation Readiness Benchmark will give you

An in-depth understanding of your current strengths and weaknesses regarding innovation; and

A set of practical recommendations for strengthening your innovation power


Insight in how different units of groups of people within your organization rate your innovation power

Assessment of the disruption risk for your business and the drivers for disruption

Rating of your current innovation performance on 5 criteria

Rating of your innovation power on 35 innovation best practices identified by our innovation experts

A comparison of your innovation performance with the more than 70 companies in our benchmark

An action plan for strengthening your innovation power and performance

Target Audience

C-level, Director and senior management level across the organisation.


Marc Douma

Marc Douma

Your host will be Marc Douma, who has decades of experience in boosting growth with strategic innovation and is known for his inspirational style and not afraid to confront when needed. From his years of experience in boosting corporate innovation Marc has developed the in-company innovation readiness benchmark, which is a one-company specific version of the Innovation Readiness Benchmark study in which more than 70 leading companies have participated.

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