There are no safe zones

Your industry can and will be disrupted

65% of the companies in the RevelX innovation benchmark expects to be disrupted! Disruption is fueled by new technology ánd complacent behaviour of incumbent players. So do not sit and watch how disruptive forces wipe out your business!

Become a disruptor yourself with the DisruptR game!

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A fast paced management game to become a disruptor yourself


The game that will reshape your business

Understand and apply disruptive tactics

Define the company that will disrupt yours

Become that disruptor yourself


Fast paced and interactive

Emerge in a 1 or 2 day pressure cooker

Unleash the creativity of 10 - 100 people

Apply battle tested innovation tools


Firing up to become a disruptor yourself

Wake up and challenge your team

Define 3-4 disruptive business models

Shape the plan to make that happen

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Now also available as a virtual workshop
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Ready to disrupt yourself?