Full commitment on value

We don’t believe in transactional reward. To make a difference, we want to have skin in the game. Our success is your growth. We focus on outcome not input.

Risk - Reward

We are committed to sustainable results. We want to share the risks and the results of our partnership. We believe this is the only way to grow.


The ultimate in sharing risk and rewards is our investment in your business. We co-invest in selected businesses with money, brains and sweat in return for equity.

Corporate ventures

With our corporate clients we initiate new alliances for new propositions. We find buy or build opportunities. We create entrepreneurial teams and deliver execution power to accelerate growth. Our innovative approach harnesses innovation in your teams. Our commitment is long term.


We take minority stakes in companies we believe in. Either with our own capital or we arrange larger stakes through our extensive network of Private Equity, VCs and Angel investors.

We implement smart growth hacks and provide you access to our collective know-how as a team; the RevelX Growth Lab.

We like to become part of the companies we invest in. On a continuous basis. You can count on us to take responsibility and accelerate the growth process of the company.

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