Get a clear grip on what exactly it is that your customer needs. These insights will help you direct your efforts towards addressing your customers’ unique set of needs, objectives and pains. The best place to start for a truly customer centric mindset.

The Value Proposition Canvas allows you to visualize the fit between your product or service offering and the customers’ needs. Use it whenever there is need to refine an existing product or service offering or where a new offering is being developed from scratch.

Before You start with the Value Proposition Canvas

Before starting with the Value Proposition Canvas you can do some preparations. There are a couple of things to consider first:

  • If you have a customer persona, make sure to keep it in mind when filling in the Value Proposition Canvas.
  • Ask your sales team to help fill out the canvas, they are sure to have valuable input

3 Advantages of using the Value Proposition Canvas

1. The Value Proposition Canvas helps to systematically understand what customers want and it creates products and services that perfectly match their needs.

2. It collects customer information in a simple way that suits their needs and requirements which allows a more effective design of business models.

3. A clear Value Proposition gives your team focus by identifying the fundamental initiatives, that will have the greatest impact on meeting your audience’s needs.

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