There are many features that you want to add your product but not enough time. The Lean Analytics Roadmap allows you to define what features you should add as well as identify when to add these features based on the particular stage that your innovation project is going through.

When it comes to product planning, the Lean Analytics Roadmap will make your efforts very focused. This allows you not to waste valuable time on features that are not required in the stage or phase that you are in right now.

Before You start with the Lean Analytics Roadmap

Before starting with the Lean Analytics Roadmap, you can do some preparations. First, know what kind of business you are and the stage where you’re at. Next, pinpoint and optimize only the most important metrics for your business right now.

3 Advantages of using the Lean Analytics Roadmap

1. Instead of maximizing your product features, optimize and choose only the right ones for your business

2. Achieve your desired goals by setting realistic and achievable metrics when it comes to innovation

3. The roadmap allows you to be lean and focused when performing experiments on new features, giving you a mid-long term view of your product.

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