An Innovation Strategy Canvas is used to create an innovation roadmap. This is a document in which you delineate your strategy for innovation in a well-organized way, taking into account your goals over time. There is not one specific form of an innovation roadmap.

Any form will do as long as you make tasks and goals transparent. The Innovation Strategy Canvas can help you with this. At RevelX, we believe in the advantages that such roadmaps bring. It worked wonders for several of our clients.

Before You start with the Innovation Strategy Canvas

You cannot build a decent innovation roadmap without some preparations. There are a couple of issues to consider first:

  • Everything starts with a clear vision on unmet future customer needs. Be short and concise.
  • You also have to define your “Innovation Readiness.” You can use the RevelX Innovation Readiness Benchmark to get a clear view on your innovation readiness.
  • Subsequently, determine which innovation themes you want to address and which ambitions you want to realise

3 Advantages of using the Innovation Strategy Canvas

1. An innovation roadmap helps you to organize, prioritize and delegate your innovation tasks in an effective way.

2. As a manager, you keep tabs on everything that your team members do and why they do it, but it will also help the team members understand the importance of their tasks.

3. An innovation roadmap helps you estimate how far you are on your path to more innovations.

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