The Growth Experiment Canvas aligns all the elements of your experiment towards the same direction to maximize results. It allows for a constant, analytical process of experimentation where all members of the growth team are conscious of the entire operation.

Connect your experiments with your short-term goals, your business KPI’s and guarantee synergy between growth objectives and expectations of your metrics. Automatically create a knowledge base on all the results and knowledge gained throughout your experiments and share it easily between multiple teams and products.

Before You start with the Growth Experiment

Before starting with the Growth Experiment, you can do some preparations. First, identify short term growth objectives and a key metric of to measure the success for each. Second, make sure to choose the best multi-disciplinary growth team to ensure the best results.

3 Advantages of using the Growth Experiment

1. The canvas guides the team towards the same direction and maximizes the output of your tests.

2. Find and prioritize the most promising hypothesis based on different criteria on the canvas

3. Through sharing all elements of the experiment, you can avoid reworking and amplify the growth results

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