Once you know your ideal customer persona, the next step is to delineate their journey. When you define the experience a customer goes through to fulfil a particular need, then you can define how to connect with and support them throughout the journey – whether they are searching, buying or actually using the product or service.

By using the Customer Journey Canvas, you can find out how and why your customers search for, buy and use products and services. This way, you can develop different features and processes that will satisfy them and build loyalty.

Before You start with the Customer Journey Canvas

Before starting with the Customer Journey Canvas you can do some preparations. Focus on your customer. Try to put yourself in their shoes. How do they experience the problem that you are providing solutions for?

3 Advantages of using the Customer Journey Canvas

1. Mapping the customer journey allows companies to study the user experience and learn where improvements can be made

2. Businesses can better understand customer emotions instead of framing customer decisions on their own views

3. The customer journey reveals gaps in customer service and communication which serves as a great foundation for planning and designing

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