It is a disruption that will disrupt even other disruptions. The supercomputer is coming! This ultra-intelligent and amazingly fast quantum computer will shake up the world. What is quantum computing and why should you care?

In December 2017, a dozen international organizations representing Fortune 500 companies, academia, and the government joined the newly minted IBM Q Network. Together, they are committed to exploring scientific and commercial applications of quantum computing.

At the CES technology expo, another star player in tech had more news about quantum computing. During his keynote address, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced the successful design, fabrication, and delivery of a 49-qubit superconducting quantum test chip called “Tangle Lake.”

Tangle Lake represents progress toward Intel’s goal of developing of a complete quantum computing system — from architecture to algorithms to control electronics. According to Intel, achieving a 49-qubit test chip is an important milestone because it will allow researchers to assess and improve error correction techniques and simulate computational problems.

Since the leaders of the market have already embraced quantum computing, nothing can stop this phenomenon anymore. And on the business side, ignoring it will be impossible, even silly. But let’s first take a look at the nitty-gritty of this complex issue.

Quantum Computing: Definition of a Supercomputer

As most people are aware, a “normal” computer has a memory made up of binary bits, where each bit is represented by either a one or a zero. It’s called “binary computation.” Quantum computation uses quantum bits, which are based on the principles of quantum mechanics.

Without going into too much detail, a qubit (quantum bit) can process much more complex information than a binary bit. Together, these qubits should be the building blocks of a very smart and fast computer. I say “should be” because only experimental models exist at the moment. You will not have a quantum computer in your office tomorrow.

3 Reasons Why Quantum Computing is Awesome

So why should you care about this? Because quantum computing will be the driving force for a series of changes that will affect your business. Quantum computers will be able to perform extremely complex computations very quickly which will result in quantum supremacy: the ability of quantum computing devices to solve problems that classical computers now, for all practical purposes, cannot. Though the field is still very new, here are examples of some very concrete applications:

1. Optimizing processes: Every business wants to find the best decision out of a large number of possible decisions. The superior computing power of a quantum computer will help solve these puzzles in real-time. Examples would be identifying a better way to manage risk in financial portfolios or finding the most cost-effective route for shipping goods.
2. Machine learning: Quantum computing boosts machine learning. This will enhance our current Big Data and analytics solutions in a way we can now only barely foresee. For example, a supercomputer will be able to make very detailed predictions about customer behavior.
3. Pattern matching: This new breed of computer will find complex patterns in data and use them to predict future patterns. This will help you identify business opportunities and new market trends.

Want to Know More About Disruptions?

Quantum computing will not be a trend or a megatrend; it will be a huge disruption. Watch this space for the hottest news on innovations that will rock the world!

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