The ideation process is very popular because it stimulates creativity and it feels sometimes as playtime for adults. But don’t forget to take the next step: doing something with all those great ideas!

As RevelX consultants, we often come across organizations who are very good at ideation. Creativity flourishes and opportunities abound. For example, hackathons are organized by enthusiastic teams or individuals. Every time, it can be concluded, this kind of innovations energizes a business. The problem is how to effectively commit to taking the next steps bringing an idea to life.

Innovation Has to be Organized

To get real results from the ideation process, organizations need an effective process of innovation. That means that innovation should be deeply embedded in the company. New ideas should be an integral part of the company’s culture and day-to-day business. Broad employee engagement is key to increase an organization’s innovation power.

In other words, infrequent hackathons are not enough. Instead, clearly define which department has which responsibility for innovation. Also, provide sufficient time for brainstorming, organizing innovation events. and stimulating communication across functions and businesses.

To organize innovation properly, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the responsibility for innovation well embedded in our organization?
  • Are people in our organization given explicit time to brainstorm on new innovations?
  • Do our communication platforms enable and stimulate innovation?
  • Do we regularly organize innovation events (g., innovation days, hackathons)?
  • Do we actively tap into the startup scene to fuel our innovation pipeline?

I hope you have answered “yes” to 3 or more of these questions. If you answered in the affirmative less than 3 times, you really have some work to do! Otherwise, the ideation process is only a waste of time.

How do You Compare to the Competition?

Before you set out to become a more innovative organization, take some time to assess your current situation. Our Innovation Readiness Benchmark is designed to identify the key improvement areas for your organization to become a best-in-class innovator. It is also a great way to benchmark your business against your competitors. Click here to test the innovation power of your organization!